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My Bio

I just turned 54 this year. I've been single for like 16 years now, was married a couple of times for a long time but been single so long now I'm kinda used to it. I own and operate a small glass shop, I just work by myself most of the time. I worked for some large corporations for several years but got sick of it cashed everything in and moved back to where I grew up. My mom is still living and it has made life easier for her with me moving back. Eufaula is a small community next to Lake Eufaula in eastern Oklahoma, there are only about 2,500 people in town with about 14,000 around the lake area, during the summer that number swells to around 30,000. It's a great place to live, lake, country, quiet, laid back but a tough economy to make a living in. The plus side is that I get to live where most people only get to visit. I grew up here so I know everybody and everyone knows me. I was in the night club business for over 7 years down here, now I have the building leased out to a strip club (not a bad building to have to check on all the time!) The last weekend of July I put on a motorcycle rally in one of the parks, it's a great location right down by the lake. Like most rallys, I've had to fight city, state, local governments and attitudes to keep it going. I'm no longer allowed to contact the State of Oklahoma except through their legal department. I guess that was the only way that they could shut me up. I'm a compulsive tinkerer, I've always got my hands on tools and I've heard "can you help me with" all my life. Worked all through school, gas stations, garages, farms, ranches. Guess that's why I got into fast cars and wrenching. Worked in a Chevy dealership during high school gave me a good education, I'd tear them up on the weekends drag racing, they would help me put em back together for the next. My first bike was a honda 90, of course I had to chop it up, ha, as much as ya can on a 90! Bought an old school Triumph chopper for $400.00, ride for an hour work on it for two. No suspension and it took over two lanes to turn around. I wish I would have had super glue back then to help hold shit on! Like most young married people I had to narrow down my toys and get to the business of providing and getting ahead. Would do a little dirt bike riding from time to time but for the most part I was into water skiing, camping, fishing and hunting. I had a buddy that convinced me to get into the rally business about eight years ago, didn't have clue about it. He decided to let drugs take over his life so I took over the rally and have been doing it by myself for the last 6. I caught hell that I did a motorcycle rally but didn't even own a bike! So I put the word out that I was lookin. I knew I didn't want an HD, Frank just don't roll that way. A guy called me in a panic, he had bought a bike on a whim and he needed to sell it before his wife found out. Went over and looked at it. 1980 cb750C with a little over 7,000 miles on it. The bike had been sitting in a barn for the last six years at least. I think I paid $650.00 for it. Of course all the bubba's were there and they just had to get it started, after arcing out everything on it with the jumpers from the pickup it did start, was only running on 3 max but it did run. I took it home. This was a different beast, four cylinders, four carbs, I was a little intimidated. Figured out really fast that no one knew a damn more about it than I did, so I ordered a manual and started gathering all the info that I could find. Everything I know has been learned the hard way. The only part that I haven't had off and worked on is opening the tranny case and I'm not afraid to do that if I have to. I've had the carbs apart so many times I've lost track. I had to learn the workings of the electronics from books, trial and error. It runs better than the day it rolled off the showroom floor. It's a real work horse for me, during the summer months I'll average about 1500 miles a month on it most of that pulling my trailer as I go from event to event promoting. It was in such clean condition that I decided that it would be a shame to chop on it. The only thing on it that isn't period is the exhaust. Most of the electronics have been swapped out for upgraded after market, I run a uni foam filter in the stock air box, shorty homemade exhaust and the carbs have been re-jetted for the free flowing intake and exhaust.

My Occupation

I'm a second generation glazier, part time tinkerer and full time fuck-off

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